Air Conditioning

Enjoying a comfortable climate indoors is a real important part of life because your home is where you spend time. A quality air conditioning system forms a big part of that comfort making living space where you can relax and feel safe with your family when you're not at work.

Depending on where you live, whatever the weather is doing outside shouldn't impact too much on how you feel in your home. So if you live in a place that hot summers, it makes sense to insure your home will feel cool enough to be comfortable whatever the time of day or night.

Temperature Maintenance

air conditionerThe whole reason for installing an efficient, sufficiently powerful AC system at home is so you can still enjoy a temperate climate indoors even when the sun is searing hot outside during the day, or the nights are hot and sticky. It's all about maintaining an even temperature throughout the year, when you think about it.

A lot of folks make the mistake of setting their thermostat way too low in summer so their home feels like its at the north pole rather than comfortable. That just wastes energy in spades and contributes to a massive utility bill at the end of the summer!

The sensible way to approach AC is to set the thermostat to a real comfortable level that you can relax with indoors when it's real hot outside, but not feel you need to put on a sweater because you can see your breath when you exhale. The exact setting will be down to personal preference, but somewhere in the low 70s is about right for most folks.

Energy Consumption

A lot of folks worry about even having AC installed in their homes because they fear the high energy bills they think they're going to be faced with. Sure, it costs some to run an AC, but not as much as you think as long as you are sensible when using it.

As already mentioned above, as long as you don't set the thermostat too low, you can enjoy a nice even climate indoors without the system having to work very hard or use so much electricity to maintain it. If you have individual room units fitted for example, you can shut off the ones in the rooms that are not occupied to save energy.

Why Do You Need Air Conditioning?

You will need some kind of artificial cooling solution if it gets hot in your area for part of the year, just like you need heating if it gets cold in winter. You could argue that you can always cool off with a cold shower and use a regular fan on the hot days, but is that really comfortable for you?

Chances are it's not really a working solution that you'd be real happy with. Then there's the hot nights when sleeping can be difficult or you can't have a fan running because the draft it creates gives you stiff joints or rheumatism.

For the relatively moderate outlay to purchase and install an economical, Energy Star rated AC system in your home, it is money well spent for that comfort you can enjoy in your home for years to come.

More Information

There is more information on air conditioners and which are the best choices for certain installations that I've compiled in a small series of informative articles grouped together in this section of the website. You can choose from the titles below.

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